This Week’s Good Reads

Check out these interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Timothy George Lectures on the Reformation” by Justin Taylor

Dr. George is a phenomenal historian, particularly on the subject of Luther, and a delightful lecturer. Here are two videos of his most recent Reformation lectures given at Southeastern Seminary. Well worth the time to listen to.

2. “There Are Souls to be Saved: How Can We Rest?” by David Murray

A great article, on pastoral burnout and the three things that need to change to keep men from resigning, destroying themselves, or falling in ministry. An important read for anyone in ministry, but relevant for all of us.

3. “But Pastor, I Don’t Feel Like It” by Joseph Stowell and Stephen Viars

CareLeader shares a short Q&A they did with Joseph Stowell and Steve Viars on feelings and obedience. How do we handle not feeling like obedience. These godly men patiently and graciously walk readers through the struggle with fallen emotions.

4. “The Dangerous Double Meaning of ‘Better’” by Brad Hambrick

This is an excellent short reflection on the use of “better” as a rationale for not pursuing what is actually good. “Better,” in some cases, is simply a way of settling and excusing our continued weaknesses and struggles.

5. “Marriage and Emotional Intelligence” by Tim Lane

Lane gives two examples to help clarify what emotional intelligence in marriage looks like, read these examples and see if you possess it or not. He then clarifies both what research and Scripture say about this important characteristic. A great little reflection cultivating deeper relationships in your marriage.

6. “How Kathryn Tanner Bridges Doctrine and Social Action” by Amy Plantinga Pauw

Kathryn Tanner is a liberal theology (or perhaps more precisely a post-liberal), so in sharing this analysis of her work one should not conclude that I am a fan of her doctrinal proposals. Yet, what I appreciate immensely about Tanner is her focus on theologizing as a practical work in bringing the distinctive features of the Christian faith to bear on the world. Her theological model is a good example in the kind of work that Conservatives can do. Theology should not be written simply for other theologians, it should be written for the world and with the world in mind. I am keen to see more interaction between conservative theology and other disciplines, an alternate to Tanner but with a similar interest in practical application.

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