Monthly Love: August

Here’s some of what I loved in August of 2017:

1. Surprisingly Cool Weather

It was great to get some fresh cool weather last month. Fall is easily my favorite time of the year and we had a few days in August that brought the season in early.

2. The Eastern Market

We’ve lived here for four years now, and yet we’d never been to the Eastern Market. On our first trip we loved it. There was loads to check out, great coffee, great food, and an all around unique experience.

3. Glenn Kaiser Band

In re-living some of the old sounds from years gone by I stumbled upon the Glenn Kaiser Band. Kaiser, previously of the semi-successful Resurrection Band, turned into a full blues musician in this solo project and the results were great! Kaiser is an underrated guitarist and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these old sounds.

4. Playing Blues with Friends

This last month I had the opportunity to engage in some wonderful jam sessions with a couple of friends. We’ve played a variety of stuff, mostly in the blues genres, including: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Glenn Kaiser, and Sojourn Music. It’s been super fun and exciting.

5. Ducktales Reboot

The 80s hit cartoon has been brought back and, unlike most reboots, it’s fantastic. David Tennant as the voice of Scrooge McDuck is a phenomenal choice and the hour long special that launched the new series was fun for our whole family.

6. Outdoor Movie Night

Our subdivision does a family movie night at the end of summer and this year we had the chance to go. We laid out blankets on the lawn, ate popcorn and enjoyed a late night showing of Boss Baby with some friends. It was a really wonderful event.

7. Walt Disney World Vacation

The highlight of our summer was our first family vacation to WDW. Disney never disappoints and our trip was a special blast as we got to introduce our baby girl to the “happiest place on earth.” There were ┬ánumber of times that the Lord blessed us with some extra pleasures while there – not the least of which was getting spend part of that trip with dear friends who were also vacationing there. It was a special trip and one that will stick out in my minds for years to come.

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