Next Week

Check back next week for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A Review of When Changing Nothing Changes Everything by Laurie Polich Short

Despite some clich├ęs and some confusions with regard to psychology, this was, overall, a decent book about perspective and reframing problems.

2. The Spiritual Gifts: The Spirit and the Word (Part 1)

Next week we will explore two extreme views on the relationship between the Spirit of God and the Word of God: (1) Evangelical Rationalism, and (2) Evangelical Spiritualism. Both are faulty views, and yet both are extremely common.

3. A Biblical View of Divorce (Part 2): Jesus and Divorce in the New Testament

The response to this series has already been tremendous. Next week we will turn our attention to Jesus’ specific teachings on the issue of divorce.

4. Misfit Ministry: A Ministry of Resistance

Next week we will start our look at the five core values of Misfit Ministry, beginning with the value of Resistance.

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