This Week’s Good Reads

Check out this week’s collection of interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Negative Emotion Tolerance in the Pursuit of Sexual Purity” by Brad Hambrick

An excellent article, from Brad’s newly designed website, that deals with how a low tolerance for negative emotions can often drive us down the road to escape through sexual sin. He outlines why, invites honest reflection, and offers a few strategies to respond differently.

2. “The Opioid Crisis is the Pro-Life Issue Evangelicals Aren’t Talking About” by Philip Bethancourt

The more articles like this that come out the more hope there is that the church will speak out about it! The addiction community desperately needs the church. Bethancourt’s article is an informative piece, sharing the current state of things in our country and attempting to make the church aware. While it won’t walk you through what to do to help, it does give important information.

3. “5 Fake News Stories People Believe About Early Christianity” by Michael Kruger

Kruger, known for taking on the urban myths about the faith, addresses five common myths, including that Jesus was married, at that the words of the New Testament were corrupted over time. A good useful and simple tool for apologetics.

4. “Former Heavy Metal Frontman Claims He Loses Followers When He Talks About His Faith in Jesus” by Tre Goins-Phillips

This is a simple story about a celebrity who came to faith, but the earnest and honest profession of faith – at least as far I can tell – is to be appreciated.

5. “The Life and Times of Redeemer Presbyterian Church” by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

A fascinating story on the history and growth of Manhattan’s most famous church. As Tim Keller has retired from the pastoral ministry there, the legacy of the church continues to be talked about. A good long-form essay on a great church.

6. “Texas School ‘Cures” ADHD With One Change” by Paul Webber

This article is too simplistic and probably overstated what it is attempting to prove, nonetheless there is some compelling evidence out that there suggests we regularly misdiagnose and mistreat ADHD. This Texas school has seen a decrease in cases by offering more time for recess. It’s not conclusive of anything, but there is something there worthy of further testing.

7. “The Gray Divorce Crisis: How Your Church Can Help” by Laura Petherbridge

This article does not actually tell you “how your church can help;” the title is misnamed. But, it does give some important details on a growing trend. Churches definitely need to be aware of this issue!


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