This Week’s Good Reads

Check out this list of interesting articles compiled from around the web:

1. “It’s Not About Deserve:” Truth, Pity, and a Deeper Magic in Wonder Woman by K.B. Hoyle

A really fantastic review of a great movie! If you’ve seen Wonder Woman you will enjoy this.

2. “The Pill Mill That Ravaged Portsmouth” by Philip Eil

An expose on Paul Volkman, the doctor/pharmacist who served as a major catalyst for the massive drug problem in Southern Ohio. While the story is limited to one man in one small town, this story is really our nation’s story.

3. “NPR: We Don’t Need Safe Spaces, Because We Can Control Our Emotions” by Philip Bunn

This is a fascinating look at a recent Invisibilia podcast on emotions. The hosts of the NPR show reveal that we are far more responsible for our own emotions than is often suggested within pop-culture. Of course, trauma does have serious implications for that control, a point the author of this piece seems to overlook, yet the larger point still stands. Of course, Biblical Counselors have long believed this and have used counseling and Scripture to help people learn the right way to respond emotionally. This is a good look at an important point from another resource.

4. “9 Things You Should Know About the Opioid Epidemic” by Joe Carter

As part of his regular column for TGC, Carter takes his “9 Things” format and applies it to the important issues related to this addiction. This is such an important issue and worthy of your time to think about. If nothing else this information can guide your prayers for the addicted individuals in our community and those who are caring for them.

5. “From a Dad’s Heart…On Grief” by Kevin Carson

A beautiful reflection on the loss of a child, from a wise pastor/counselor. Here he walks us through his own sorrow, the progression of life after loss, and the things he can be grateful for today in light of all that has transpired.

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