Next Week

Check back next week for these posts and more:

1. A Review of Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit by Christopher Wright

A short but rich book on the Fruit of the Spirit.

2. The Gifts of the Spirit: Experiencing the Spirit (Part 2)

Next week we will continue our exploration of the New Testament’s teaching on the experience of the Spirit by examining the concept of the “baptism of the Spirit.”

3. The Three Crosses and the Universality of Suffering

There are three crosses on the hill at Calvary, each representative of a different type of person, and yet each a reminder that we all must face suffering in this life. Borrowing from counselor Diane Langberg, I will unpack this idea more fully next week.

4. Worship as Confession with Conviction

Song adds a unique weight to our theological confessions, making musical worship an important aspect of our corporate life together. I’ll explain that in more detail next week.

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