Next Week

Check back next week for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A Review of The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson

So far this is the best book on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit that I have read. Ferguson is clear, comprehensive, and thought-provoking. He wrestles well with Scripture and with tradition and builds a cogent theology.

2. The Spiritual Gifts: Understanding the Spirit (Part 2)

In continuing to explore the giver of the spiritual gifts, next week I will look more intently at the work of the Holy Spirit – having already discussed the nature of the Holy Spirit this week.

3. The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

Goodness seems like such a generic description, but we shall give it theological weight next week as we explore this particular fruit of the spirit in more detail.

4. Stewarding Our Emotional Energy

Our emotions can be so overwhelming that they present us with opportunities to indulge in sin. Next week I want to explore how we can steward the energy from our emotions to constructive, rather than destructive, ends.


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