Monthly Love: May

Here’s some of what I loved from this May:

1. The Philadelphia Story

I have enjoyed introducing friends to some of my favorite movies this month. The Philadelphia Story, with its incredible cast (Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Katherine Hepburn),  and witty dialogue is definitely a favorite. It was a joy to re-watch this one and with good friends.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2

I am a nerd and as such I have been looking forward to this film for two years! The first film was fun, funny, and exciting, and while volume 2 wasn’t as good as the first one, it was, nonetheless, a joy. The theme of family is developed in a compelling way and the characters continue to evolve throughout the franchise.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy: A Tell Tale Series

In light of my love for Guardians and with the release of the new film, I was super geeked to find out that Tell Tale was also releasing a Guardians game. This was such a fun game. The various challenges, along with the use of different characters, and the story itself were a blast. It was something fun to share with my son and to enjoy on some down-time.

4.Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

We have been visiting some older pop songs and in light of the turn to Spring we have been listening frequently to this 1977 hit. The Little Dude especially loves this one and so nearly every morning on the way to school he requests it. It’s been a fun song for this month.

5. Surprised by the Voice of God by Jack Deere

I was surprised by this book. I have not considered myself a Third Wave Charismatic. I anticipated being annoyed by this volume, and while there are definitely details in the book I do not agree with, and wording I would have changed, overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In some ways it has been a real challenge to my theology and I need to revisit some of these ideas.

6. Swordfish Tacos

As part of a special Mother’s Day gift I offered to fix dinner. Those who know me know that I have been trying to learn to cook more, and so I wanted to use this opportunity to do something different and unique. The Swordfish Tacos came out tasting great and I was shocked at just how meaty the swordfish steaks were! A great dish.

7. Blazo’s Coconut Cream Pie

I pretty much love all things coconut flavored and this delicious pie was a nice treat. We picked ours up at Nino Salvaggio.

8. Staff Appreciation Night

Our church put on a staff appreciation night this month to celebrate the wonderful people who work for CBC. It was such a joy and a blessing, not simply to be cared for in this way, but to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of the evening. There was a hilarious game show, ice cream, and a special celebration of Denise Hardy, our Women’s Ministry Director. I feel truly blessed to be part of the CBC family.

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