This Week’s Good Reads

Here’s this week’s collection of interesting articles from around the web. Check it out, there’s bound to be something interesting for everyone:

1. “How Pixar Lost Its Way” by Christopher Orr

The golden age of Pixar is over, and in this piece from The Atlantic, Orr reflects on its demise with sober and depressing truth.

2. “Counseling Under the Cross: Martin Luther the Pastor-Shepherd-Counselor” by Bob Kellemen

This is a great little reflection on the counseling practices of the great reformer. This is an excerpt from Bob’s forthcoming book on Luther, about which I am particularly excite.

3. “Moms Need Theology Too” by Christina Fox

A wonderful word about the role of theology in the lives of all, but particularly moms. Fox notes that while practical books on parenting can be helpful the hope they offer is temporary. Theology gives hope beyond our circumstances that nonetheless empowers us for the circumstances.

4. “Social Trust and the Heroin Epidemic” by Amber Lapp

A great piece on the relationship between social trust and drug abuse. In particular Lapp speaks to the need for compassion, sensitivity, and listening to the addictive community. The drug epidemic is surely an “inconvenient crisis,” but we do little help by simply preaching at those who are addicted.

5. “How to End Sibling Rivalry Like a Christian” by Jen Wilkin

A beautiful and practical piece on encouraging a best-friendship among your kids.

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