Monthly Love: April

Here’s what I loved in April:

1. Common Grace Coffee Co.

This new coffee shop in Dearborn is awesome! They’re passionate about both their coffee and their city and striving to make a difference in the one through the other. I was impressed with the service and ambiance of the setting, and the coffee I had was amazing. The Black Honey was one of the most delicious lattes I have ever had: spiced chocolate, espresso, and honey! The drive was worth it.

2. “Healer” by Hillsong

“You hold my every moment. You calm my raging seas. You walk with me with through the fire, and heal all my disease.” A compelling song.

3. Thai Delight

This was a place we tried when Krista’s mom was in town. The spicy chicken was delicious!

4. Dickey’s BBQ

Another place we tried recently. Despite being a chain, I was pleased with the meat and sides. Delicious and smokey, and their BBQ sauce had a nice kick to it. We’ll probably eat here again at some point.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy: The New Guard, vol. 1 by Brian Michael Bendis

A fun twist, which takes a look at the Guardians without Star-Lord. Not every issue in this running series has been good, but this one was fun.

6. Rocket and Groot cartoon shorts

The Little Dude and I have enjoyed watching these cartoons on Disney. Two of our favorite Marvel characters in some crazy antics.

7. Easter with friends

I am so thankful for friends who generously invited our family to Easter dinner this year. We enjoyed their great hospitality, wonderful food, and some great yard games. In the absence of biological family the holidays can sometimes be difficult, but with friends like these we find much to be thankful for.

8. Police Response Simulation 

I have never fired a gun, but this month I had a crazy opportunity to do so. The CBC staff was invited to what I assumed was a crisis response training event at the Roseville Police Department. Instead it was some sort of police officer response simulation experience. We went, one-by-one, into the PD basement to a virtual reality room where we put in the shoes of a police officer and asked to make split-second decisions about whether to shoot or not. It was an intense experience. It was interesting to do and to see, in a very small fashion, what our law enforcement officials have to experience. I am still not a gun-person, and I have NO idea what this simulation has to do with my job, but I appreciated the unique experience.

9. CCEF on the Go

A fantastic podcast from the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation. Each episode on this podcast is insightful, compelling, and yet accessible. Whether discussing the benefits of psychology for Biblical counselors, or discussing the perspective of attachment disorders, or simply discussing the application of a particular passage of Scripture these podcasts are always interesting. I highly recommend this to all counselors, and really to all Christians. Find it on iTunes.

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