Next Week

Here’s what you can expect to read at Pastor Dave Online this coming week:

1. A Review of Paul, The Spirit, and the People of God by Gordon Fee

A fantastic exegetical work that emphasizes the personal and corporate experiences of the Spirit as Biblical!

2. Crafting Effective Homework: The Rationale

A new counseling series that looks at the development of homework within the counseling session.

3. Studies in Galatians 5:13-6:10

Paul walks readers through what life in the Spirit looks like, in contrast especially to life apart from the Spirit.

4. Prayer and the Harsh Husband

How we treat our spouses directly impacts our spiritual lives!

1 Comment

  1. #4: Prayer & the Harsh Husband.

    I’ve always told my wife & family the most powerful thing she can do is to pray. (It’s pretty much like the ground soldiers calling in the WartHogs aerial cover.)

    But what I bear witness to is the most powerful words she can SAY to me are “Will you pray about it”.

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