Monthly Love: February

FebHere’s what I loved in the month of February:

1. Vision, vol. 1: Little Worse Than a Man by Tom King

This was a fascinating and truly unique look at the famous Avengers superhero. Wrestling with philosophical questions like, “what does it mean to be human,” and exploring concepts of human experience through the lives of an android family of superheroes. Extremely well-written, this was one of the best comics of last year and I can appreciate why.

2. Faith Biblical Counseling Training Conference

I had a blast at the BCTC in Lafayette this month. It’s a long week of counseling training, but I enjoyed the time with folks from CBC and catching up with friends from around the country. This event is very professional and participants not only get some great equipping, but they are given loads of resources to help them in their own ministry.

3. Getting Cited in Nancy Leigh DeMoss Wolgemuth’s newest book!

It’s really just two words and endnote citation pointing back to my blog, so not that impressive. But I was honored to have been quoted at all.

4. Marvel’s Dr. Strange

iTunes had an early release on the digital movie, so I was pretty geeked to watch this film again. I think it is my favorite of the Marvel movies. Dr. Strange is own wrestling with time and significance throughout the film make a compelling backdrop to the superhero drama.

5. Dr. Mark Shaw

At the BCTC this month I was able to connect with my friend Dr. Mark Shaw, who was an absolute encouragement to me. Dr. Shaw is a professional addiction counselor and Biblical Counselor and so we always have tons to discuss and I have such great respect for him and his work. I was blessed by our interactions and subsequent discussions.

6. Leading a workshop at Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls, OH

February was a full month, but I was also thrilled to have the chance to lead an addiction counseling seminar at Parkside church. My dear friend Jonathan Holmes was kind enough to extend an invitation to me and I was honored to spend the day with him and the evening with his church family.

7. “I Surrender All” by Citizens

This is a great version of this old hymn. Citizens gives it some punch and the chorus they’ve added is particularly powerful. Check it out for yourself.

8. Being all together with my family

This month has flown by and been exceptionally full. I spent a week in Indiana, and when I returned Krista and the kids spent several days in Ohio. Then when we were all back together our daughter took off for a weekend at camp. So, we’ve spent the better part of February all going in different directions. But now we are home and together!


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