Next Week

nextweekHere’s what you can expect this week at Pastor Dave Online:

 1. A Review of Are Miraculous Gifts for Today? ed. by Wayne Grudem

This volume can serve as a great introduction to a much debated subject. The individuals scholars do a great job of articulating their position and the interactions between the four authors allows readers to see the holes in each system.

2.  Bridge Builders: Robert Kellemen

Christians within the counseling community have not always gotten along. Divergent views on the nature of problems, the philosophy of counseling, and the methods of practice have created sometimes large riffs in the community. Dr. Kellemen has been part of a growing community seeking to bring together these divergent community members, in order to sharpen one another and better serve the church.

3. Studies in Galatians: 3:6-14

Continuing my study of this important book.

4. Love Trumps Gifts: Setting a Context for Studying the Spiritual Gifts

Introducing my year-long study on the spiritual gifts, by setting some important context to the issue.

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