Next Week

nextweekHere’s a peek at what I’ll be writing on this coming week:

1. A Review of Behind the Masks by Wayne Oates

This look at personality disorders within religious behavior was interesting, and insightful. He attempts to describe a handful of psychological disorders in more accessible ways and offers insight into how pastors can counsel and care for those who struggle with them. Ultimately he adopts a model that diverges from Biblical counseling, but there’s still some good content here to work through.

2. Bridge Builders: Alan Noble

Alan is a good friend of mine,but this post will be more than just praise for a pal. Alan is great example of careful and intentional thinking about issues that divide Christians. He is particularly significant for his willingness to critique his own camp and help them think about bias.

3. Studies in Galatians: 3:6-14

I will finally get back around to this series through Galatians and pick up where I left off several weeks ago.

4. Love Trumps Gifts: Setting a Context for Studying the Spiritual Gifts

As I begin to dive into this year’s study project I want to set a proper context for the discussion on Spiritual gifts. I will follow, then, Paul’s lead in 1 Corinthians.

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