Monthly Love: January

january-imgHere’s what I loved from the month of January:

1. The Neftlix Original Series Lemmony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

We’ve been enjoying this take on the books. The Tim-Burton-esque style of the show makes for some dark and strange moments, but when combined with the comedic it can be a fun contrast. Neil Patrick Harris does an amazing job as Count Olaf. Our daughter in particular has loved the show.

2. Watching Old Cartoons with the Kids

What started as one random Saturday’s fun has turned into a regular game I play with the kids. I show them episodes of old cartoons I watched as a kid and we see which ones they liked So far we have watched a couple handfuls over several weekends and their standout favorites have been: Tale Spin, Muppet Babies, Freakazoid, and A Pup Named Scooby Doo. It has been fun for me to relive the nostalgia of youth, but it has been more fun to enjoy their joy.

3. Cornerstone Counseling’s Annual Celebration Event

Every year our Counseling department at Cornerstone puts on an event to celebrate how God has used His Word and His Church to transform lives. This year we had seven testimonies of transforming grace and it was a beautiful night of worship and support. I was particularly humbled by the honesty and vulnerability of the testimonies and encouraged by our church’s support and love for those who shared.

4. Wednesday’s Anger Course

This new Biblical Counseling class we are teaching on Wednesday nights has been very well attended and, with few exceptions, each week has enjoyed good conversation and participation. I have loved our textbook and am learning a lot about how to teach the content and what I will revise for our next round of this course.

5. La La Land

We finally got around to seeing this film. It’s been on my radar for months and since Krista and I are both big musical fans we couldn’t wait to see this nod to the great films of years-gone-by. Despite some not so great vocals by the lead actors on a few songs, the overall performances were fantastic and the film was beautiful and nostalgic without being ironic.

6. Pizza, Wings, and Things

This is a great pizza joint in Roseville. What I loved was that the crust was light and airy and didn’t make you feel like you had eaten a brick afterwards. The quality of toppings were excellent and plentiful. I will totally be getting pizza from here again. Plus, it’s owned by one of our CBC church members and so when you can support a brother and get a quality product it’s a win in my book!


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