Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A Review of Showing the Spirit by D.A. Carson

This was a fantastic and exegetically detailed interaction with one of the primary texts for consideration of the spiritual gifts. Carson works his way meticulously through the details of 1 Corinthians 12-14 to give readers a great introduction to the Biblical perspective on this subject.

2) Bridge Builders: Trillia Newbell

Trillia is a great writer with a keen eye towards helping the church heal its racial separation. Her writing on unity was a great encouragement to me and next week I will celebrate her as an important bridge builder within the church.

3) Studies in Galatians: 1:10-2:21

Continuing our look at Galatians chapter 1 and examining in more detail Paul’s own story.

4) Consider the Context of Your Counselee

Effective counseling requires us to be aware of a counselee’s context and those matters which may help or challenge their growth in godliness.


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