This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web to share with my readers. Here is this week’s list; check out these diverse selections:

1. “Pro-Nicene Theology: Eternal Generation Exegetically Considered” by Fred Sanders

Sanders offers reflections on the Eternal Generation of the Son as part of this series over at the Zondervan Common Places blog. He writes:

When we confess the eternal generation of the Son, we guard against making too little of his sonship (that is, we thicken the metaphor) or too much of his sonship (that is, we limit the metaphor).

2. “Does God Promise to Feed and Clothe Christians?” by John Piper

Piper analyzes the promises of Scripture and draws an important distinction between our needs and wants, and the ability to serve and bring glory to God. An important analysis and explanation of often abused texts of Scripture.

3. “Report finds skyrocketing rate of babies going through opiate withdrawal” by Wayne Drash

This is an incredibly sad story. The rate of infant withdrawal has seen a “fivefold” increase in the past decade. The report reveals that rural areas are the most significantly impacted, as drug addiction (especially heroin) is worse in these areas.

4. “What I’ve Learned from Being Isolated and Allergic to Everything” by Johanna Watkins

This is a beautiful, sad, and inspiring story from a young woman with Mast Cell Disease. Her disease has made her allergic to everything from sunlight to the natural chemicals that the human body produces. She cannot even be in the same room as her husband. As a result she has found greater joy and peace in God.

5. “2016 TGC Book Awards” by Collin Hansen & Ivan Mesa

TGC’s list for best books, divided up by category, in 2016. This is a good list.

6. “God Loves to Make Families” by Aaron Menikof

This is a great Bible study for children of divorce whose parents are getting remarried. My former pastor and friend Aaron Menikof has written a great resource to use in counseling children of blended families. The free PDF is well worth the time of both counselors and families in this unique situation.

7. “When Christmas is Hard” by Trillia Newbell

A sweet reflection on our Savior who is “acquainted with grief,” and how He gives hope in the midst of our sorrows.

8. “A Conversation with Scott Derrickson, Part 1” by Nick Olson

I loved Dr. Strange, but I loved it even more because the director behind it is a thoughtful, creative, and compelling man of faith. In this interview my friend Nick Olson got to sit down and talk with Derrickson about Marvel, mystery, faith, and materialism. It’s totally worth reading!

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  1. Dear Dave,

    Thank you for posting the article “What I’ve Learned from Being Isolated to allergic to Everything…”. Tears were and are spilling down my cheek as my heart breaks for the difficult life that Johanna endures. Yet, what beauty from ashes as she has learned to trust in Him, her life.

    Tears are also for me as my heart aches with many unanswered questions and uncertain paths for both Aimee and myself. We’ve experienced anaphylaxis several times, the allergy list just keeps getting longer….Johanna has so articulated many of my same feelings and thoughts and death of dreams that I have clung to so tightly. Yet, God is lovingly, carefully, prying open my grip, making me realize that true joy comes with open hands.

    I am not sure if you had the privilege of attending the Voice of the Martyrs conference. It was fantastic! But one thing that God showed me more than any person’s verbal testimony was this: When I watched each of these dear saints pray, their hands were OPEN, lifted up to the Lord. That made me start evaluating my own life, convicting me to live with open hands lifted to our great God, King, and Good Shepherd.

    Thanks, again, for giving us this article to chew on as well as many others that are so thought provoking and life changing.

    Looking forward to hear happy news about your little one’s arrival.

    In Christ, Kristie

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