Next Week

nextweekHere’s what you should expect to read next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1.  A Review of Relapse by Mark Shaw

A useful workbook in guiding people toward sustained sobriety and transformation.

2. On Loving Your Spouse As Yourself

Sometimes we take this principle to mean loving our spouse by loving ourselves, and in such scenarios we turn our marital relationship into an extension of our own selfishness. I’ll unpack this more next week.

3. Blaming Ourselves For Someone Else’s Sin

It’s easier to blame ourselves for someone else’s sin because it gives us a sense of control. It’s important, however, that we wrestle with the distinction between our sin and other’s sin.

4. Addiction and Emotions: Paranoia

Paranoia and substance abuse are common friends, next week I’ll explore that relationship in more detail.

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