This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. Here’s this week’s list, check it out:

1. “President Trump: Now What for the Church?” by Russell Moore

Moore argues that the demoralizing campaigns run in this election leave Christians with lots to think about. Most notably, he says, we need to think about “politics as religion, and religion as politics.” He hopes that the church will shift its focus increasingly away from the power of D.C. to the power of the crucified Savior.

2. “4 Questions for Abusive Husbands” by Leslie Vernick

A great article on the need to help abusive men learn to be self-aware. Vernick is an expert in this field and she gives all counselors a great help in presenting us with an initial agenda point and some questions to ask as we seek to help those with this particular bent.

3. “The Initial Marriage Counseling Session” by Robert Cheong

A good guide to where to begin in marital counseling. This is always the most complex kind of counseling I do, mostly because it involves to very opinionated sinners. Cheong gives some good guidance in the form of 12 principles.

4. “The Church’s Outsourcing of Women’s Discipleship” by Erin Straza

This is an excellent read! What Erin says here is written as an encouragement to change, but make no mistake it is a critique of the church’s failure to disciple women. She notes that the discipleship of women happens largely through the medium of parachurch organizations, with women-speakers who are often high on entertainment and low on quality content. I am a strong advocate for solid theological education for women in the church, and this is just another argument for the same. A great piece!

5. “What do White Evangelicals Owe People of Color in Trump’s America They Helped Create?” by Ed Stetzer

Stetzer goes a step further than Moore in this post contending that those white Evangelicals who voted for Trump need to take seriously their responsibility to minorities who feel very afraid. He notes the boldness with which many racists have come forward in recent months and notes that while many Evangelicals voted against Hillary more than for Trump, we nonetheless have a responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters. This is a tremendous piece and one worthy of your time and reflection.

6. “Before I Do: What Do Premarital Experiences Have to Do with Marital Quality Among Today’s Young Adults” by National Marriage Project

The research from this national survey reveals a number of different things about how our premarital experiences (including cohabitation, children, and sexual activity) affect the quality of our marriages. In other words, if we do things God’s prescribed way we have a better shot at having a quality marriage, though the research doesn’t say it that way.

7. “Two Concerns for the Religious Right Under President Trump” by Collin Hansen

Hansen looks back at the history of the Religious Right and notes its blatant racist roots. He notes that White Evangelicals have lost touch with their minority brothers and sisters and cautious us that we can repeat the sins of the past if we don’t learn to listen to our minority neighbors.

8. “The Unbearable Smugness of the Press” by Will Rahn

A confession, of sorts, from the press. Nearly every journalist was wrong this election cycle, and in the aftermath of that realization some are seeing their own bias more clearly. A wonderfully written piece on the “smugness” of the press and the need for greater efforts to understand the country they are reporting on.

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