Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for these blog posts and more:

1. A review of With by Alvin Reid and George Robinson

This was just an okay book. It’s content was mostly illustrations of how to do informal mentoring, and the content is generally good. The detail, however, is not very well-developed in my opinion.

2. Studies in Daniel: Chapter 9

In light of the visions that Daniel received he prays for his people in chapter 9. Next week we will consider this prayer, and God’s response, for our own lives today.

3. On Authenticity and Sin

It is the age of authenticity, and yet “being yourself” is sometimes code language for “be selfish.” I’ll unpack that some more next week.

4. The Attributes of God in Biblical Counseling: Sovereignty

The sovereignty of God can be used like a club or a warm blanket. How a counselor uses it to encourage surrender is important. Next week I’ll look at how we can use this attribute in counseling cases.

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