Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for these blog posts and more at Pastor Dave online:

1)  A review of The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life by Jeremy Pierre

This is a fantastic book, presenting for readers a holistic theology of human experience. Pierre unpacks the cognitive, affective, and volitional dynamics of human experience. Biblical Counseling can sometimes tend towards a sanctified version of cognitive behavioral therapy, this book is a great corrective to that tendency.

2) Studies in Daniel: Chapter 8

Daniel’s second major vision is recorded in this chapter and next week we will explore afresh what it means for modern readers.

3) Counseling and The Types of Anger

When we think of anger we often think of the sort of “classic aggression” that characterizes dramatic outbursts (yelling, name calling, throwing things, physical violence, etc.). Counselors who are not discerning about the various types of anger that may manifest in a person’s life may misrepresent a person’s problems.

4) The Attributes of God in Biblical Counseling: Wisdom

Next week we will explore how the attribute of God’s wisdom can be useful in counseling situations.

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