This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Not a lot of selections since I was away at a conference all week, but here are a few interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Leading Republicans are Furiously Denouncing Trump for His Leaked Comments About Women” by Andrew Prokop

I won’t link to the awful video capturing audio of Trump’s comments, you can find it enough places if you so choose. This is the right kind of response to such lewd comments┬ábut it is just the beginning, not the end. The GOP needs to call for his resignation! This man is unfit for office and this video is only the last in a long line of reasons!

2. “Evangelical Views of the 2016 Election: Not the Lesser of Two Evils, Choose Candidate Evan McMullin Instead” by Alan Noble

This is a great defense of voting for Evan McMullin. Alan explains that ultimately the goal is to lay “a foundation for a future conservative party.” A vote for Trump will undermine its future, he argues. Check it out.

3. “Understanding What Influences Your Heart” by BCC Staff

Dr. Jeremy Pierre’s new book on the dynamics of the human experience is phenomenal. I am only about halfway through it and I love it. Here is a review of it at the Biblical Counseling Coalition Blog for those who want to know more.

4. “Did Charles Hodge think the Bible was a Science Textbook?” by Kevin DeYoung

DeYoung comes to the defense of one of the great Princeton Theologians from ages past. Many have attacked and criticized his definition of theology over the years, but DeYoung thinks these readings of Hodge are unfair. A good read for theology nerds.


  1. Trump’s comments are deplorable…further proof he is not just a living, breathing example of Gal 5:19-21’s works, but flaunts just about every one of them. I’m curious, have you read anything about them in the context of a culture that’s purchased ~125,000,000 copies of “50 Shades of Grey” and the movie that made over $150,000,000?

    1. I have not read anything on that relationship, but there is, in my mind, a major difference between the two – even while both are wrong. The big difference is one of consent. What Trump’s comments speak to are not just crude language and the objectification of women; rather his words point to sexual assault. That’s a pretty serious issue. Unwanted, undesired, sexual contact or speech is a violation of the freedom and dignity of others. It’s deplorable from any person but especially so from a candidate for the highest office within our government. So, there may be a connection between the two issues, but there is a significant point of difference with regard to consent.

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