My Favorite Things: September

septemberHere’s what I loved in September:

1. La Saj Lebanese Bistro – A wonderful selection, huge portions, and great service.

2. Completing an Escape Room – I have never done an escape room before and this month I had my first go of it. It was a blast! Not only was it a great time with friends, but it was fun to work on figuring out clues, solving problems, and creatively thinking our way out of a jam.

3. The Journey to Freedom by Dan Johnson – This is a great book for helping guys navigate addictions. Johnson has spent years working with addicts and his workbook offers real help and strategic guidance through this monster of a problem. It was an easy read and centered around a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, which are all huge advantages of this book.

4. National Coffee Day – A holiday that celebrates my love of coffee?! What’s there not to love about this. I enjoyed a few extra cups this month in light of this holiday.

5. Small Group Picnic and Fire – We enjoyed a wonderful Autumn picnic and camp fire with our small group this month. It was a blast to eat together, play yard games, laugh, and make smores with the kids. I absolutely love my group and this was a wonderful blessing.

6. Finishing the rough draft of my manuscript – I have been working on this book all year-long and this month I finally finished the rough draft manuscript of the whole thing. It was a huge accomplishment and now I am going to work on the editing phase.

7. PSL – It’s my favorite treat of the season and one indicator that the beauty of fall has arrived: the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.

8. Biblical Soul Care in Small Groups Training – This Wednesday elective has been a blast to teach and participate in. As a church we are looking at 2017 as the year we improve our one-anothering. This course to train and equip our Small Group leaders to help with this is just one way we are seeking to improve. Dr. Garrett Higbee’s teaching sessions have a been a joy to watch and we are benefiting greatly from the discussion. I have great students too, which makes this course even more fun.

9. Tim Keller’s Sermon: Praying in the Spirit – This was a powerful, moving, and insightful sermon. That seems to be a fitting summary for nearly all of Keller’s preaching, but this was particularly impressive to me. I almost had to pull over the car and weep because of the joy of what he communicated. If you’re not a subscriber to the Tim Keller Sermons Podcast on iTunes I highly recommend it.


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