This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I like to compile a list of interesting articles that I’ve read from around the web. Here is this week’s list, check it out:

1. “C.S. Lewis on Theology as Experience and Map” by Brad Hambrick

I’ve never read this quote from Lewis, but it is a clever and passionate defense of theological study. Brad does a great job of unpacking the multiple layers of value in Lewis’ explanation. This will totally make its way into my next theology lecture.

2. “Why Jonathan Edwards saw Economic Justice as a Gospel Concern” by Greg Forster

This is a great essay on the ways in which Edwards preached against economic injustice and demonstrated concern for the poor, but it also argues the relationship between these concerns and the gospel itself. A great piece of writing from a thoughtful writer, and an important issue. I’ve written elsewhere about Edwards’ views on social concern, but this is a far superior essay.

3. “Giving up alcohol opened my eyes to the infuriating truth about why women drink” by Kristi Coulter

Coulter, a newly sober woman, describes her first year fighting to say no to the temptation to return to the bottle. Her exploration unpacks not simply the cultural obsession with booze, but particularly the ways in which women are inundated with invitations to drink. She connects those invitations with the cultural idea of what she calls the “24 hour woman.” This is a fascinating piece that offers multiple layers of cultural commentary and worth your reading. Readers should be forewarned, however, that on occasion she uses coarse language to communicate her points.

4. “More on Sex After Christianity” by Jake Meador

Jake offers another thoughtful piece on the issue of homosexuality, in this case specifically same-sex marriage. Here he argues that SSM necessarily elevates the State above the domain of Nature. He offers a compelling argument that he says challenges the sociopolitical and ontological natures of marriage. A really well written piece.

5. “On Empty Nests, Christian Mommy Guilt, and Misplaced Identity” by Jen Wilkin

The issues surrounding motherhood and especially mommy guilt are so common and create so many problems for women and families that when a good author writes on it I try to share it. Wilkin offers some reassurance in this piece: The Christian mom doesn’t love Jesus instead of loving her children; she loves Jesus by loving her children.

6. “I Moved to the Edge of Portland to Help Refugees. But They Can’t Afford to Live Here Anymore.” by D.L. Mayfield

My friend D.L. has written a beautiful piece reflecting on here living among the refugees in Portland and how the rising cost of rent is changing that entire landscape and doing more harm to the already desperate folks who live there.

7. “Why I, As a Same-Sex Attracted Protestant, have much to learn from Catholics” by Ed Shaw

Shaw, a wonderful writer on the subject of same-sex attraction, here explains why listening to Pope John Paul II’s classic work Theology of the Body, particularly in its distilled form through Christopher West, is so significant.

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