Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these posts and more next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A Review of The Mission of God by Christopher Wright

Theologies of missions are not new, and yet Christopher Wright has taken a truly fresh look at this subject in his book. His introduction to the “missional nature” of the Bible is absolutely fascinating, making the book worth its price.

2) Studies in Daniel: Chapter 3

Next week our expositional survey of the book of Daniel will continue with a look at this famous story from chapter 3.

3) Study Projects for Next Year

Help me pick next year’s study project. Next week I’ll lay out the category and some of the ideas floating around in my head.

4) The Attributes of God in Biblical Counseling: Eternality

God’s eternal existence has wonderful,encouraging, and comforting implications for counselees. Learn how to use it in counseling next week.

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