Next Week

nextweekHere’s what I plan to write about next week. Be sure to check back.

1) A Review of Advances in the Study of Greek by Constantine Campbell

This is a very accessible and insightful work on changes being made in our understanding of New Testament Greek.

2) Studies in Daniel: Chapter 1

Next week I’ll start a quick gloss study of the book of Daniel

3) Worth is About Connections

How we think about human worth is important, here is an argument that worth is tied up in our connections to other people.

4) The Attributes of God in Counseling: Introduction

Studying the attributes of God can have a very helpful impact on our own struggles. His attributes serve as a constant and a source of encouragement in our lives and so studying them can be very good for our souls. Next week I’ll explore this idea in more detail as I intro this new series.

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