Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A review of Divorce and Remarriage, in the Church by David Instone-Brewer

A very fascinating book, the author explores how the contemporary church has misunderstood Jesus on the issue of divorce. The book is laced with historical contextual issues (including references to source material) to help validate his claims. There’s much of it that I found very convincing, though not all of it, and sometimes the way he framed the argument was disappointing. Overall this is an excellent book that has really helped me to think about a complex pastoral and exegetical issue.

2) Helping My Addict: Don’t Attempt to Force Repentance

We can’t repent for others, nor can we make them repent. Next week we will explore this major “don’t” in caring for those addicts whom we love.

3) Grace Blockers: Bitterness

One of the major inhibitors to our spiritual growth is unresolved bitterness. Next week we will explore what bitterness is and how it contributes to our remaining stuck in spiritual struggles.

4) A Word About Polite Abusers

Since I didn’t get to this post this week I will seek to address it next week.

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