Next Week

nextweek2Here’s what you’ll want to look for next week at Pastor’ Dave Online:

1.  A Review of The Heart of Domestic Abuse by Chris Moles

This is the most unique volume of its kind. Chris Moles is a pastor and Biblical counselor in West Virginia, who has spent years counseling abusers. He believes the church’s ignorance on the issue of domestic violence is a travesty and only increases harm to women. He also believes that while this is a legal issue that should always involve the authorities, it is also a spiritual matter and should require care and support for abusers who need to change. This is a great volume, written to be practical and helpful to counselors.

2. Helping My Addict: Introduction

A new series that explores what NOT to do as you seek to support and help a friend or family member who is struggling with an addiction. It focuses on the health, safety, and limitations of those who love the addict in their life and want to help.

3. The Addict in Us: Power and Control

As this series comes to a close we will explore one last common characteristic of us all and how it provides, once again, solidarity between all of us in the church and our addicted brothers and sisters.

4. Studies in Titus: The Sound Doctrine of Discipleship (chapter 2)

Finally moving in to chapter 2, next week we will continue our expositional look at Paul’s letter to Titus.

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