This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Check out these interesting articles from around the web:

1. “Talking to My Boys After the Transgender Talk at Their Public School” by Brad Hambrick

This is a wonderful guide to how you can have this difficult conversation with your kids. Brad relays how he discussed the matter with his boys, but he uses his personal experience to give readers five tips on how to talk with their kids about this subject.

2. “Tim Keller Answers: How Much Prep Time for a Sermon?” by Tim Keller

Scott McKnight hosts this e-mail exchange between Keller and David George Moore. In it Keller states plainly that spending 20 hours a week on a sermon is not necessarily good, especially for young pastors. He encourages more time spent doing pastoral care. I love this answer!

3. “Four Lessons from the Little Sisters of the Poor Case” by Russell Moore

The United States Supreme Court today handed down a unanimous ruling, remanding the case of Little Sisters of the Poor and other petitioners, back to the lower courts to pursue an accommodation. What this means is that the government cannot fine and penalize these groups for objecting to the Administration’s demand that they authorize contraceptive coverage for their ministry’s employees. This is an encouraging development, but it also tells us how much work there is to do in rebuilding a culture of religious freedom in this country. Here are four lessons we can learn from this case.

4. “Depression, God, and You” by Ron Allchin

This is a focused look at one particular type of depression. The author explores the four stages of descent into depression, noting how we can stop at any one stage and turn back around.

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