Next Week


Here’s what you can expect to read next week at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A review of Gospel Treason by Brad Bigney

A fantastic book on the idols of the heart. Brad writes like he speaks and so we find here in this volume a passionate, Biblically sound, witty, and accessible treatment of the subject of idolatry. It is a very practical and pastoral work and throughout it Brad is regularly seeking to apply the Biblical truths he delineates in the book to our lives. He does so with probing questions and tangible examples. This is a fantastic volume and one I will be stocking in our counseling resource center.

2. The Cup is Empty

Jesus drank the cup of God’s wrath for us. He drank it to the full, to the last drop, which means there is nothing left for us to drink. This is an important truth for us to wrestle with as we seek to grow in godliness and fruitfulness. Next week we will examine this truth in more detail with a focus on both its theological foundation and its practical application.

3. The Addict in Us: Self-Reliance

Next week we will explore another characteristic that unites us all with our addicted brothers and sisters.

4. Studies in Titus: Elders Against False Teachers (1:10-16)

Having sought to ground our elders in the Word of God, Paul then moves on to demonstrate the absolute importance of that doctrinal grounding in the life of the church. Elders must be able to refute heresy and false teachers, and that requires the former. He demonstrates and unpacks it then in these verses. Next week we’ll explore what that looks like.

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