Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for theses posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A Review of When I am Afraid by Ed Welch

I actually liked this little workbook better than the larger volume on this subject also by Welch. This book is concise, pointed, and engages the reader at a personal level.

2. What Biblical Counseling is NOT: Simply Spiritual

Continuing this series we will explore next week the characterization of Biblical Counseling as simplistic and only concerned with spiritual things. We’ll see how this is actually false and, perhaps more pointedly, it misapplies the concept of spirituality.

3. How do I Trust My Spouse After an Affair?

Rebuilding trust after adultery is a difficult task. Next week we will explore how a couple can work towards recovering that relationship.

4. Studies in Titus: Husband of One Wife (1:6)

What does it mean when Paul mandates that an elder be the husband of one wife? Next week we will explore some of the proposed interpretations and highlight the most likely answer.

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