This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. Here’s this week’s list; check it out:

1. “Watching Black-ish, Living Christian-ish” by Isaac Adams

This is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. Thoughtful, witty, and well-performed, Black-ish is most definitely helping me to engage in ideas in new and fresh ways. In this piece at TGC, Adams helps us to see how this show can be utilized to help us understand our brothers and sisters better. I am in total agreement.

2. “Are Millennials Selfish and Entitled?” by Russell Moore

I totally agree with Moore’s assessment that Christian Millennials are not the selfish, lazy, and entitled brats that they are often portrayed as. He points out here that they have an earnest desire to be taught, and yet not many are willing to disciple them. He points out that they evidence strong theological convictions and passionate ministry-mindedness. I have experienced this first hand in serving college students over the last several years. I tend to think that this total characterization of the Millennial generation is completely unfair, but it is definitely unfair within the context of the church. We should be Pro-Mellinnial, says Moore.

3. “Is Your Church A Safe Place for Those Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction?” by Brad Hambrick

Over at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission website Brad has posted an explanation of his new book Do Ask, Do Tell, Let’s Talk. I love this book. Brad has done a tremendous job of identifying the weaknesses of the church, and the feelings of our same-sex attracted brothers and sisters who need our support and care. Here he offers some points of help to redirect us in caring for those among us. This is a great read,¬†and the book is even better.

4. “Most People Think Watching Porn is Morally Wrong” by Emma Green

This piece from The Atlantic is a great reminder that people still have a conscience, even if it doesn’t always translate into moral action. The majority of Americans think watching porn is wrong, despite not being willing to see government restrictions on the porn industry implemented. This was a bit surprising to me and I’ll be interested to follow the developments from this recent research and survey data.

5. “Transition and the Pastor’s Wife” by Erin Wheeler

Erin and Brad are such sweet friends and I know Krista and I can relate to this post. This is a beautiful reflection on making transitions as a ministry family. It is written from the perspective of a senior pastor’s wife, but it relates to all ministry families, and therefore pastors should read this too.

6. “N.T. Wright on Penal Substitution” by Derek Rishmawy

Derek has written a long (and I do mean long) post that quotes the controversial scholar N.T. Wright at length and finds that he does in fact support the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement. In Derek’s witty words:

The moral of the story is that N.T. Wright affirms penal substitutionary atonement. Sorry uber-conservative Reformed guys, he actually does get the Cross. Sorry, lefty, anti-PSA types, your Kingdom-minded hero says some really old-school Evangelical stuff about the atonement.

7. “On Nude Selfies” by Wendy Horger Alsup

Reflecting on Kim Kardashian’s nude photo that broke the internet recently, Wendy has written an amazingly insightful piece on beauty, broken economies of power, and the gospel. I love, love, love, this piece. Totally worth reading whether you are male or female!

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