Next Week

nextweekCheck back next week for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1) A Review of Whom Shall Ascend The Mountain of the Lord? by L. Michael Morales

I wish this book had come out last year as I was studying Leviticus, it would have shaped my thoughts in some very helpful ways. Still, it’s a great volume that does more than just highlight major themes in Leviticus. It demonstrates its role as the center of the Pentateuch and its influence across the cannon. An impressive work!

2) Four Desires for the Future of Evangelicalism: Doing Theology in Love

Next week I’ll start a new series highlight four of my desires for the future of Evangelicalism. These are areas of interest that I think need to be stressed more in the coming years.

3) A Biblical Theology of Judgment and Mercy: The Giving of the Land

Continuing our look at the interrelationship of mercy and judgment, I will explore God’s giving of the land to the children of Israel next week.

4) Recovery Culture Churches: Galatians 6:1-10

This new series will look at a handful of verses that are shaping my research on recovery culture churches, starting with this one from Galatians 6.

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