This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Check out these articles from around the web for some interesting reads.

1. “How to Have Intimacy with God” by Jon Bloom

A good article from Desiring God which reminds us that intimacy with God is contingent upon our trusting God. He points out that knowledge and aesthetic experience cannot, in and of themselves, cultivate intimacy. We need faith.

2. “The Theology of Death (Part 2)” by Gary Chaffins

My friend Gary wrote a follow-up piece to his first theology of death. Here he explores how Christians are to respond to death, both of an unbeliever and a believer. This is good guidance on a difficult subject.

3. “When A Christian Sins” by Kevin DeYoung

A wonderful reflection for the believer who is struggling with the guilt of their own sinful failures. DeYoung gives us reminders, points to hope, and gives us Scriptures here to cultivate our response to our own sins. I am grateful for meditations like this.

4. “Dark Night: The Illness Narrative” by Rebecca Spears

A beautiful reflection on the value of narratives describing illness. They impart sympathy and empathy to the reader as we navigate their sad terrain. Spears reflects, here, on two works: a collection of illness poems, Stay, and a 1939 novella about the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. In reflecting on both she helps us to appreciate their unique literary place in our lives.

5. “How Did I Pick My Conversation Partners” by Marc Cortez

I am looking forward to Cortez’s new book on Christological anthropologies. Here he describes both his method and scope in this project. Nerds enjoy.

6. “Catholicity and Homosexual Heresy” by Rollin G. Grams and S. Donald Fortson, III

In anticipation of the release of their new book these authors give us some thoughts here on the value of catholicity for combating heresy, particularly the heresies of orthopraxy found in the homosexual arguments against the traditional Christian ethic. Their new work demonstrates the uniform and faithful witness of the church across the centuries. This article seems a good introduction to their book and worthy of further investigation.

7. “On My Shelf: Life and Books with David Wells” by Ivan Mesa

The historian, author, and theologian gives us some insight into his own reading and life in this interview with TGC.

8. “How Have Views of Sex Changed Since 2005” by Olga Khazan

This piece examines the views of OkCupid’s users, which is now a decade old. Surprisingly the report reveals some movements towards a more traditional sexual practice. The research, which is hardly scientific, should not be interpreted as more than it really is, but it is nonetheless interesting.

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