Pastor Dave Online in 2016

blogging-goals-2016What can you expect from this blog in the new year? Here are some of the plans I have for the blog in 2016:

  1. More Ask Pastor Dave: This was easily the most popular series I did last year. A number of the most read posts of the year came from these questions and answers. I don’t claim to have all the answers to all the questions posed, and sometimes I have had to tell individuals that I can’t answer the question they are asking. But in general the questions have been very thoughtful and have challenged me. So, I will be continuing this series, every other month, this year. February it starts up again, so submit your questions now.
  2. Notes and Updates on My Research Project: Every year I pick a topic I am going to study for the year. This year’s topic is in conjunction with my first book project: Recovery Culture Churches. While I will be picky about what I post, because I want to save it for the book, I will be sharing some notes and regular updates about the book project here at the blog. So, be sure to check back if you’re interested in that.
  3. Finishing My Exposition of Leviticus: Within the first two months here I hope to wrap up my study of Leviticus, which is carrying over from last year. It was my major study project from last year and it was highly interesting and also challenging. The exposition got started late in the year and so I still have about five more chapters or so to finish. I will complete that and round it off with a year-end reflection on the study as a whole.
  4. A Biblical-Theological Study on the Relationship Between Judgment and Mercy: This was an idea that came to me from a cursory comment Bob made in a sermon last year. There is often a balance in the Scriptures between God’s warning of judgment, and his promise of mercy. I want to explore this development across the Bible’s storyline this year.
  5. Studies in Titus: Though I am not going to spend a whole year working through this book, I plan to make a go of studying it and sharing notes on the passage here at the blog.
  6. More Counseling blogs: As our counseling ministry grows here at CBC we have a lot of trainees and training opportunities before us. Our first conference is happening this month for area pastors/lay leaders, and we have a couple of guests joining us at the church this year from within the larger Biblical Counseling movement. I am excited about that and so will be both promoting those events/opportunities, as well as building off of them to continue the conversation among our church family.
  7. More Reflections on Leadership and Church Culture: One of the more popular blogs from last year came at the very end of the season. It dealt with the “Research and Development” department of the local church. I was shocked by the interest in this piece but very pleased. This year I will piggy-back off of the interest in that one piece and continue the conversation about leadership and church culture.
  8. Four Desires for the Future of Evangelicalism: As we move in to the New Year I am thinking actively about what areas need the most growth within Evangelicalism at large. There are obviously lots of things we need to improve on, but I will boil my concerns down to four major issues and will be delineating those soon.
  9. Potentially┬ámore interviews: It’s always a challenge to accomplish this because of the busyness of everyone’s schedules, but I am grateful for the several interviews I got last year and look forward to connecting with more professional theologians and pastors this year.
  10. Finally, My Personal Story: I have been weighing whether or not to share more of my own personal story on this blog. I know many of my readers are dear friends who love me and care about my life, but I am hesitant to be so overly self-indulgent. I continue to wrestle with this decision, but at the moment I am leaning towards sharing some of my story, in segments over the course of the next year.

I hope you join me this year for another season of writing, discussing, and thinking aloud together about faith, life, and truth. Thank you to all my readers and friends for a wonderful 2015 at the blog, and I look forward to another wonderful year together.

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