This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here is a collection of articles that interested me, compiled from around the web. Due to the holidays this week’s list is short.

1. “Kenyan Muslims Shield Christians in Mandera Bus Attack” by BBC News

The problem with the “all Muslims are terrorists” trope is that it is false. Stories like this remind us of that. Read and be grateful for God’s providential care of our brothers and sisters in this attack.

2. “No, God is NOT Disappointed in You” by Jade Mazarin

“Rather than using our faults as a chance to punish ourselves, perhaps we can consider them the invitation to not only practice our faith, but also to grasp the intense love of God.” This is a great reminder and one that would serve us all well, especially as we head into that whole “New Years Resolution” time of the year. God’s love is greater than our sin.

3. “One Useful Tool for the Study of the Greek New Testament” by John Knight

This is really a post praising the Book Study Concordance of the Greek New Testament. But it shows how useful this tool can be for both translation and interpretation of a passage. I recommend the post and the tool!

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