This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here are some of the best articles that I found around the web this week:

1. “Women…These are Not Gospel Issues: Food” by Denise Hardy

My dear friend Denise has written a fantastic piece on how we need to think about food issues. She reminds us that they are not gospel issues and therefore should not divide us. We need to think carefully about how these hot-topic issues can displace the gospel in our communities if we’re not careful.

2. “These 15 Unique Coffee Shops In Ohio Are Perfect to Wake You Up” by April Dray

Three of my favorite coffee shops made this list: Donkey, the Lofts, and Schlegels. These are good shops with good coffee and good atmospheres.

3. “My Sister is a Recovering Heroine Addict. I can’t fix her – but she also can’t fix herself” by Elizabeth Kadetsky

This is a moving personal story about one woman’s struggle to understand the limits and abilities to care for her sister as she struggled to get clean. I appreciate this tension. There is a limit to what we can do to help an addict, and yet recovery does require a network of support and care.

4. “The First Captain America: Civil War Trailer is Here” by James White

I cannot wait for this film! I loved the graphic novel and am pretty excited to see it, even if in a modified version, come to life on the big screen. The action and drama of the story looks to be compelling and fun.

5. “Should Christians ‘Disown’ Gay Children?” by Jonathan Leeman

Jonathan answers an important question about how practically Christian parents should relate to their gay children. His answer to this question is “no,” and he explains that by exploring the difference between relating to someone as a fellow church member and relating to someone as a parent. He parallels this relationship with that of a woman whose husband is excommunicated from the local church. The excommunication does not negate the marriage. This is a good piece with lots of good theological truth for this delicate issue.

6. “Debunking Stupid Statements about the Bible: An Exercise in Biblical Transmission” by Greg Gilbert

Greg was my former pastor in Louisville, and I love the way he makes complex subjects accessible to the average reader. In this piece, an excerpt from his new book, Greg discusses some of the common misconceptions about the Bible and the translation process. This is a good and worthwhile read, friends.

7. “Brother, Where is Your Identity?” by David Powlison

Powlison has written a piece on helping us think through that most basic and yet most complex question of personal identity. Since who we are is intimately related to who God is, then Powlison spends some time connecting us to our deeper spiritual roots. This is a good piece on an important subject.

8. “The Sin of Insecurity” by Jeremy Pierre

A great piece on a common topic, that turns it on its head. Insecurity is a sin, even in the Christian faith, because it emphasizes confidence in the flesh. If that is a surprising assertion to you then you should read this piece. It’s well worth your time.

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