Next Week

nextweekA review of Luther on the Christian Life by Carl Trueman 

Trueman is a fantastic historian and he evidences it in this book on Luther’s views on the Christian life. What I loved most about it is that he does not settle for simplistic reading of Luther, and though this is a popular level book, it still delves into the technical aspects of Luther’s context and theology.

Studies in Leviticus: The Whole in our Holiness (Leviticus 12)

Next week I will attempt to tackle the really difficult passages on uncleanness after childbirth.

Destructive Themes of the Heart: Evil

I will wrap up this series next week by looking at the theme of evilness in the heart and its destructive impact.

Ask Pastor Dave: Is it a sin to smoke pot if it’s legal?

I’ve been asked this question multiple times over my career, and because of the increasing legalization of pot in America it’s worth taking the time to answer it again, but this time in writing.

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