Monthly Love: October

OctoberHere are just some of the things I loved in October:

1. Brad Bigney

Brad is such a gifted counselor and a dynamic speaker. I have been immensely blessed by his ministry for years, before I even knew who he was I had sermons of his that friends had given me. I had the chance last month to visit with him and pick his brain and was once again just blessed by his encouragement and guidance. I am looking forward to having Brad with us at Cornerstone next May!

2. “Be Kind to Yourself” by Andrew Peterson

Peterson’s new album is just great and this song in particular is beautiful. “Be Kind to Yourself” is his tribute to his daughter, a love song to her in fact. It’s beautiful and continues to bring me to tears.

3. “Blank Space/Style” Mashup by Louisa Wendorff and

This is easily one of the most impressive mashups I’ve heard. It’s better than the original versions of these Taylor Swift songs.

4. The Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

This was one of our favorite places in Louisville when Krista and I lived there. It’s a tradition, then, that whenever I go to Louisville I bring back a chocolate chip pecan pie. When I was there this last month I picked one up and they are just as good as I remember.

5. Small Group

I love our small group and we always have a good time together, but this month we reached a new level in vulnerability and honesty as we shared our lives, concerns, and needs with one another. I love these folks and am always encouraged by them.

6. The Walking Dead

The new season has started and it’s off to a good start. Action packed, intense, and continuing to expose viewers to compelling characters who have their own important developments going on this season.

7. Families Against Narcotics

I would have some disagreements with this national organization, no doubt, with regards to best treatment methods, but I was so impressed with them when we attended their 4th Annual Fundraiser event this last month. The testimonies and the passion were so compelling, and the community support was highly encouraging. I was also thankful for the information about our county and the nature of its drug problem. The needed education will help me continue to care for our folks at Recovery.

8. “Glorious” by King’s Kaleidoscope

Thanks to my friend Brent for turning me onto the fantastic album Becoming Who We Are by this band. On the album, track #1 has been my favorite. King’s has some unique sounds and some great lyrics, but this song has become an anthem for me this month and I am so grateful for its words.

9. We Bare Bears

The kids found a new cartoon that they like. I am always terrified that the kids are going to get into some just annoying cartoon, and I suppose over the years they certainly have (thank you Jesus that the Dora the Explorer phase of life is over!), but when they find something that is actually witty and clever I never discourage their love of it. So, they’ve found this clever and hilarious little cartoon from the Cartoon Network which features three bears (Panda, Griz, and Ice), who navigate the human world with naïveté and generous optimism. I’ve enjoyed it as much as the kids and not the least because it features voice acting by the inimitable Dimitri Martin.

10. “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold

This is a haunting poem that uses the imagery and soundscape of the Dover Beach, on the narrowest part of the English Channel, to describe the disappearance of faith in the modern age. Critics disagree over the exact interpretation, with some suggesting that it has an optimistic and defiant tone to it (especially the last stanza) while other see at as a more melancholy reflection, begrudgingly accepting the reality of modernity’s faithlessness. I am inclined to see it as the latter, but maybe I am just moody. In any case it is a beautiful piece and I enjoy it from time to time and encourage you to read it this month.

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