Next Week

nextweekBe sure to check back next week and look for these posts and more at Pastor Dave Online:

1. A review of 1-3 John by Sean O’Donnell

A fantastic commentary that utilizes history, exegesis, scholarship, and insightful application. O’Donnell’s sermons, which comprise the content of the commentary, represent the best in devotional literature as it combines competent scholarship with engaging reading.

2. Studies in Leviticus: You Are What You Eat (Chapter 11)

Next week we will start a new section in the book of Leviticus, the Laws of Purification, by exploring the Dietary laws of Chapter 11.

3. Destructive Themes of the Heart: Laziness

As we continue this series we explore this seemingly innocent temptation and all the disaster that it can produce in our lives.

4. Ask Pastor Dave: Can I Really Be a Counselor?

Since this question hits on my passion I am going to answer it first next month as I reboot the Ask pastor Dave Series.

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