This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2It’s a short list, but there are some interesting articles on here today. Check it out:

1. “The Already Exiled Church” by David Swanson

This is a great piece. Swanson argues that while many Christians are upset about their exile from mainstream culture, there is a whole segment of the Christian church that has always felt exiled, namely the African American church. And their exile is related to their race, not their religion. This is a good, fresh piece, that encourages us to embrace our exiled position alongside our brothers and sisters, and to find new avenues to minister in our communities. I loved it!

2. “Spiritual Warfare is Routine” by Dave Dunham

Here is a new piece I wrote for Servants of Grace as part of their month-long series on Spiritual Warfare. In this piece I argue that spiritual warfare is essentially a pretty common place experience for believers and while the dramatic does sometimes happen, we ought to be more aware of the subtle attacks and temptations which wage war against our souls daily.

3. “Discipling People with Intellectual Disabilities” by Justin Taylor

Taylor shares a beautiful video of Jill Miller (wife of Paul) discipling her daughter. You will melt and rejoice as you watch this.

4. “Activists Protest Baptists’ Seminar on Homosexuality” by Deborah Yetter

Apparently the ACBC conference last week made national news. The topic of the conference is certainly a hot button issue. I missed Monday, the day that 40 people showed up to protest, and there were no people protesting on site on Tuesday or Wednesday. I understand why some were so upset and hostile to the meeting, yet it is important to state that ACBC does not support Reparative Therapy. There was much about the conference that was incredibly sensitive and helpful. In this piece from USA Today you can read about what some others, namely those who disagree with ACBC, thought about the conference.

5. “Be Kind To Yourself” by Andrew Peterson

This is a great Andrew Peterson song from his new album, The Burning Edge of Dawn. This YouTube video of the song, which Peterson wrote about his daughter, features his children. It is beautiful and I have gotten teary every time I watch it.

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