Monthly Love: August

hello-august-copyHere’s what I loved in the month of August:

1. Merchants

This was a trendy, hot-spot restaurant in downtown Nashville. On a recent trip I ate there twice and enjoyed their diverse menu. The blackened catfish sandwich was particularly good. In a cool older building, with ornate decorative architecture, great service, and delicious food this is a cool spot to check out

2. Russell Moore

I know of no other major Evangelical leader who is as insightful and careful as Dr. Moore. He speaks boldly and honestly about cultural issues. He doesn’t shy away from saying hard things that the Evangelical church might resist or seek to turn away from. He is clearly conservative in his theology, but he can be provocative too. For all his speaking and writing, and his tireless work at President of the SBC’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Council I am grateful for Dr. Moore.

3. Selling Our Home in Ohio

It took over two years to sell this property, but in a matter of six days it was gone. A buyer called about it around the first of the month and we closed within a few days of that. I cannot express the relief we feel to be rid of this house and free of that concern. I am grateful to our realtor, Peggy King, for her hard work on selling it, and I am grateful to all those folks who prayed for us to be able to find a buyer. Thank you!

4. On Beauty by Roger Scruton

This was such a fresh and insightful read on a subject that I am not overly familiar with. As a philosopher Scruton approaches the subject with an interest in major questions about beauty. Questions most of us didn’t know to ask but which are exceedingly relevant to trying to understanding the judgments we make. I was especially struck by his connection between beauty and morality. Loved this book.

5. Driving Bob’s Mini Cooper

Bob let me drive his car to Nashville this month. It has been a while since I had driven a manual, and I honestly just forgot how much fun it was. Plus, Bob’s got a nice care. Sleek, sporty, and with a load of fun amenities. It was a blast to drive.

6. Café Sante

On our first night of vacation we popped into this trendy European bistro. I had duck pirogues and blueberry cabbage. It was an amazing meal! It was definitely a pricey dinner for our family, but it was worth it. I have never had anything like it. It was such a unique combination of flavors that blended perfectly. Add to that their practice of buying local and supporting the region and you have a fantastic restaurant.

7. Sand Dunes

I had largely discounted this natural beauties as giant sand hills, which of course they are, and yet that hardly captures the amazing wonder of running the dunes. We had the joy of doing just some small dunes at Petoskey State Park this month and I confess I have never seen anything like them. They were amazing, beautiful, and overwhelming. I have gladly been proven wrong about sand dunes and look forward to many more opportunities in the future of playing on them with my kids.

8. The Delight of Children

All summer I have had the joy of seeing my kids laugh, smile, and enjoy our times together. Whether at the zoo checking out dinosaurs, eating a special breakfast, swimming the pool, or going to the beach. They have been my joy this summer as they experience the world and grow. Zane loved going down his first water slide on vacation and his delight became our delight. Mia loved riding the chair lift, and they both loved running down the sand dunes. I had more fun watching them have fun than anything else we did on vacation.

9. Luxury Suites at Comerica Park

The kids have been begging to go see a baseball game all summer and I just had trouble justifying paying the money to take them, knowing that not a one of us enjoys watching sports. But, some very sweet friends of ours had reserved a suite at the ballpark and invited us to join their family and friends for an evening this month. It was wonderful. Not only was the food excellent, but the game was fun too. The kids got to see the ballpark, watch the Tigers win, and experience a fun-filled evening where they were free to get up and roam around instead of sitting for three hours straight. This is the way to watch sports!

10. Pumpkin Bread

I know it’s early for the pumpkin craze to begin, but I love pumpkin (I even love that pseudo-pumpkin taste they put in everything in the fall). When Krista brought some home to me I looked forward to eating it all day and could barely save it. But I did, and enjoyed it with a hot cup of coffee, a good book, and a cool afternoon.

11. Schaeffer on the Christian Life by William Edgar

The Theologians on the Christian Life series from Crossway is just phenomenal. This particular volume on one of my heroes, Francis Schaeffer, is especially good. It’s unique because it is written by a former student and disciple of Schaeffer’s. Edgar gives us a full survey of Schaeffer’s views on the Christian life, but he adds his own personal interactions with Schaeffer. His stories are wonderful. I highly recommend this book.

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