Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss these posts and more, next week at Pastor Dave Online

1. A review of Beauty: A Very Short Introduction by Roger Scruton

Scruton shows his philosophical skill and insight in this wonderful little book on aesthetics.

2. Studies in Leviticus: The Blood of Bulls and Goats, Part 2

While the cleansing of the tabernacle is part of the goal in the sacrifices, it would be reductionist to assume this categorizes all the sacrifices of the OT. We must, therefore, continue to explore the distinction between how the book of Hebrews treats the goal of sacrifice and how Leviticus does.

3. Books that Shaped My Faith: Here I Stand by Roland Bainton

I remember how much I loved this biography of Martin Luther when I first read it in college. I knew the name Luther, but to read his story, especially in the way that Bainton has written it, was captivating. I was, from that moment forward, fascinated by Luther and also humbled by his example.

4. Ask Pastor Dave: How Do I Love My Gay Child?

Another important question, and it thrills my heart so much to hear so many people thinking about these issues. Our desire as Christians is not only to be faithful to God’s Word, but to love others well. This question surely springs from both those desires and so next week I will attempt to give some practical direction on the issue at hand.

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