Monthly Love: July

hello-july-please-be-good-3Here’s what I loved in the month of July:

1. U.S. Women’s National Team

I do actually enjoy soccer…well, sort of. Of all the sports it’s the only one I have consistently watched with joy, but, and here’s the catch, I don’t actually watch it very often (I just don’t get into sports that much). I did, however, follow the Women’s National Team on the run for the World Cup. I watched them win it all in what might have been the most amazing soccer game I have ever seen! Carli Lloyd’s rapid hat-trick was a thing of beauty. Well done USWNT!

2. “Style” by Taylor Swift

I know, I know. What can I say, it has got a super catchy chorus.

3. Atwater in the Park

This is my new favorite place. Krista and I went here for her birthday, and then I met up with another friend there this month. An old Catholic church turned into a brewery and restaurant. I actually sat in one of the original pews when I ate there this month. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is even cooler. Check out this little gem in Grosse Pointe.

4. “Carry You Away” by Us and Our Daughters

I love Us and Our Daughters, and this song is just moving. At the beginning of the month I was feeling particularly emotional and after listening to this song just wept over the beauty of love. It’s just a beautiful piece.

5. Swimming as a family

It hasn’t really been warm enough to swim very much this summer. We did, however, have a few days of it while staying in a hotel this month, and then a day or two at home when it was warm enough to really enjoy the water. There’s something just wonderful about swimming together. We played, laughed, and enjoyed one another in a very special way.

6. Marion, OH

If you’re going to get stranded in north central Ohio, Marion is the place to get stuck. Not only did the folks at the Holiday In Express take good care of us, but the employees at Matthews Hyundai Dealership, where we took our car to get fixed, were amazing! For feeling like we were stranded in the middle of nowhere, we actually had a fantastic couple of days playing together as a family and enjoying some time away from our routines. The kids in particularly had a blast. And thanks to Ralphie’s Sports Bar for some good food and a sympathetic waitress.

7. Same-Sex Attraction and the Church by Ed Shaw

I’ve already reviewed the book, but I absolutely loved reading this monograph this month. It was fresh, insightful, and encouraging. While Shaw points the finger at some tough failures on the part of the church, he does so with grace and kindness and some real orientation for the way forward. Loving our brothers and sisters among us who struggle with a same-sex attraction is so important that I simply cannot praise this book enough!

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