New Year’s Resolution Updates

IMG_1593It’s time for a check-up and some continued accountability. I began this year with a few goals for myself, each designed to help me grow in my personal life, physical health, and pastoral care. We have now exceeding the 2015 half-way point and I thought I would take some time to reflect and consider what kind of progress, if any, I am making on these five personal goals. Your continued accountability is welcomed as I move into the last half of the year.

Health – I surprised myself by sticking with a full work-out routine this year. I began in early November and have, despite myself, kept it up. I work out five days a week, four of those days at the gym and one at home. I have been both shocked and pleased with the effort and the results. There’s nothing super impressive, nothing to “write home about,” as they say, but I feel better. I am actually surprised how much I enjoy working out…well, most of the time.

Community – One of my major goals this year was to deepen our experience of community. As still new members to the metro, and to Cornerstone, Krista and I have needed continued growth in our friendships. This has come somewhat more slowly, but we are so grateful for the people we are just beginning to get to know and develop connections with.

Weakness – This is easily the area in which I have done the poorest. I have continued to struggle with being honest, with owning my own insecurities and struggles, with seeking help when appropriate. Some events earlier this year forced me into a bit of breakthrough, but it has been painful and arduous. I am hopeful that as the year moves on I can do better. Part of my writing later this year will, I believe, help me to do that. I continue, as well, to seek counsel and help from trusted friends and advisers in this area.

Counseling – Our new Thursday night counseling program has taken off with a bang. We have now six counselors, with another waiting in the wings, and I am thrilled at the work that is being done. We see sixteen people every Thursday between 1 and 8 pm, and have a wait-list of several more seeking help. It has been encouraging to see the interest and investment of our folks, as well as the individuals in our community and church responding to the open doors, seeking help. As we look towards the fall and winter we have more training classes and a pastor’s equipping seminar scheduled. I am thrilled about this project and its development.

Book – My final goal for the year was to narrow a topic of stud for my first book. I have done that, and with a fair amount of ease, actually. I am not ready to reveal that information just yet, but I am excited about the project and its potential for impact. If nothing else, I am excited about its benefits and value for me.

Out of the five goals I set for myself this year I am seeing some progress. Admittedly I still need help and accountability to see them through and see them take root, but I welcome that and trust that 2015 is going to continue to be a productive year. I already see the benefits and firmly believe that if God had not helped me to establish some of these patterns then, based on some of the challenges I have already faced this year, I would be in a much worse place emotionally and spiritually. So, don’t hesitate to ask me how I am doing this year, and encourage me to keep pressing on. Thank you, friends.

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