This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Here’s this week’s collection of interesting articles from around the web. Check it out:

1. “Do You Love Theology More than Jesus?” by Thomas Kidd

Dr. Kidd with another great post this week. Still responding to those who have attacked the SBC for revoking their invitation to Ben Carson, here Kidd picks apart a specific accusation being leveled against Southern Baptist. He points out the false dichotomy behind the accusation, and the importance of thinking theologically. This is another good post from Kidd.

2. “Goodbye Phineas and Ferb…” by Dan Kois

I found this sad news: the Disney Channel cartoon Phineas and Ferb is coming to an end next month. This endearing show has been a staple in our house for a while now. It’s one of the rare cartoons that the kids love and that Krista and I can tolerate. The final episode should be a load of fun, but it will be sad for all our family.

3. “The End of an Era: Harry Shearer is Leaving The Simpsons” by Blake Rodgers

Speaking of sad: it appears that producers and voice actor Harry Shearer could not come to terms on his contract and the man has decided to leave the show. Shearer has been the beloved voice of characters like Krusty, Ned Flanders, and Mr. Burns since the show’s inception. His absence will truly impact the show.

4. “8 Recommendations ‘When Counseling Hits a Dead End’” by Jonathan Holmes

Some great counsel for counselors in this piece. Jonathan guides us to consider the options before us when we have hit road blocks in a counseling case. I was particularly challenged by #6.

5. “Never at Rest” by Amy Baker

In this two-part blog, Baker offers some good counsel and insight on thinking about our own anxiety and distractedness. She begins by exploring the issues of priorities and rogue desires in part 1. Then in Part 2 she considers how we can rest in our labor and from our labor. Amy makes some great point in these two posts and they are worthy of your time, especially if you’re having trouble taking a break to read them!

6. “20 Things You Should Know About the Vision” by Ranker Comics

I thoroughly enjoyed the latest Avengers movie. I thought it had a compelling story about salvation. There are lots of themes to pick up on, hopefully I’ll write about it soon. In the meantime, however, Vision is a great character who stole the screen. Here, Ranker Comics offers some further insight into the character’s origins, developments, and powers. He’s pretty awesome and all my nerd friends will appreciate this.

7. “B.B. King, Defining Bluesman for a Generation, Dies at 89” by Tim Weiner

I remember the first legit cassette tape I bought was “Let the Good Times Roll.” My dad would secretly steal it out of my car and listen to it on his way to work, so I had to start hiding it. I love the blues, and desperately wanted to see King live at least once. Sadly that never happened. In this piece Weiner gives readers a short biographical sketch of the blues legend.

8. “The Christians Who Annoy Us are the Christians We Need” by Fred Sanders

Sanders reviews Collin Hansen’s new book Blind Spots and urges us to look beyond our own tribe to see the value in the diversity of Christianity.

9. “Why Christians of All People Should Get Their Vaccines” by Matthew Loftus

Speaking of disagreements, here is a provocative piece from Christianity Today by my friend Matthew. As an MD, Matthew offers here some sensitivity to the criticisms of the anti-vaccination folks, and some reasoned responses. More compellingly, however, he offers some Biblical motivation to “love our neighbors” by being good stewards of our bodies and our communities. I highly doubt it will convince those who disagree, but hopefully it will receive at least a patient audience.

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