Next Week

nextweek1) A Review of The End of the Law by Jason Meyer

A really thorough book on New Covenant Theology and Jesus’ fulfillment of the Old Testament law. Meyer examines, in great detail, some of the most vital passages connecting the Old and New Testament.

2) Studies in Leviticus: Theological Foundations (Part 4) – Holy Living

Leviticus is all about holiness. It discusses not only the holiness of God, but the holiness of those who would be called God’s people. Next week I’ll unpack how the text outlines the expectations of holiness for the children of God.

3)  Porn and Sanctification

Long-term exposure to pornography will stilt your spiritual growth in many other areas. Individuals cannot pretend that porn is the one problem they have and if they can just address it they’ll be fine. The use of porn has impacted their spiritual growth in many other areas. I’ll explain that in more detail next week.

4) Porn and the Destruction of Worlds

To successfully live in a fantasy world you must destroy the real world in which you live. That’s what porn does, it destroys reality while manufacturing some fantasy in our minds, only the fantasy never satisfies.

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