Next Week

nextweek1) A review of Loving My LGBT Neighbor by Glenn Stanton

This was an incredibly beautiful book that helps Christians navigate loving those who disagree with us. In general, what makes Stanton’s book so good is he just reminds us how to be goo friends.

2) Studies in Leviticus: Theological Foundations (Part 2) – “Be Holy as I am Holy”

Holiness is the main theme of the book of Leviticus. Next week I’ll introduce that theme and its place in the book.

3) Exodus and the Language of Salvation

The Exodus event serves as a paradigm for New Testament Salvation. Next week I’ll explore how the language of salvation in the New Testament parallels the language of the Exodus and reveals more details about its nature.

4) How You Disagree Matters

Christians can disagree. There’s nothing wrong with not like the same things, sharing the exact same opinions, etc. But how we disagree either helps to build unity in the church or it destroys it. How we disagree either builds one another up in love or it tears one another down. It either promotes godliness in our hearts, or tempts us with pride. Next week we’ll explore more of this truth.

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