Next Week

nextweekDon’t miss next week’s blog posts:

1) A review of 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law by Thomas R. Schreiner and Benjamin Merkl

This was a great introduction to the complex issues surrounding the law vs. gospel discussions.

2) Studies in Leviticus: Theological Foundations (Part 1) – Reading the OT as a Christian

This year’s study topic is the book of Leviticus, next week I’ll start sharing some of the preliminary discoveries I’ve made.

3) Is Your Church Safe for Those Struggling with Same Sex Attraction?

Our first advanced counseling seminar discussed the ways the church can care for and love our LGBT friends. In light of that conversation this topic was brought up and discussed, and next week I’ll share a few thoughts about it.

4) Pursuing Beauty As Essential for Development as a Man

The ways we think about manhood are often incredibly reductionist and culturally bound, and so the role of beauty in the formation of manhood is almost never discussed. Next week I’ll share some reflections on the relationship between the two concepts.

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