This Week’s Good Reads

morning-paper2Every week I compile a list of interesting articles from around the web. Here is this week’s list. Check it out, there’s bound to be something here that captures your attention:

1. “3 Principles to Consider During Marital Conflict” by Eliza Jane Huie

In light of our marriage class going on right now I thought this a good supplement to our course material. This is good, practical, and immediately applicable to your marriage.

2. “The Last 90 Days” by The Economist

There are some aspects of this piece that are just downright terrible, but there are some elements of it that are worth remembering. Everyone wants to leave on a good note, even pastors, and knowing when and how are huge difference maker. Worth a read for many who are “big bosses,” pastors, or key leaders, whether on their way to retirement or just starting out.

3. “We Are all Messy: Rosaria Butterfield On Loving Our Gay and Lesbian Friends” by Matt Smethurst

An amazing and worthwhile interview with Rosaria, a former lesbian atheist, who is now a faithful Christian and pastor’s wife. There are so many gems in these 19 minutes that it is impossible to pick out just some. It’s worth just watching the whole thing.

4. “What do You See? Same-Sex Attraction and a Biblical Approach to Looking” by Heath Lambert

There is an ongoing challenge within conservative Christianity to clarify an Evangelical position on attraction. In this piece from Dr. Lambert he outlines a simple theology against lust. I appreciate his approach because it treats SSA the same way it treats heterosexual lust. I still am not convinced, however, that Dr. Lambert and some of the folks at ACBC are rightly understanding attraction. Even in this piece he seems to have understood attraction quite differently than the author to whom he responds, Nick Roen. The two groups (ACBC and Spiritual seem to be talking past each other.

5. “Distinguishing Between Sanctification and Legalism” by Dave Dunham

In this piece I wrote for Servants of Grace I discuss the danger of treating all calls to pursue godliness as if they were attempts at legalism. I map a way forward for churches to be able to resist the one step while faithful following the other.

6. “Women, Stop Submitting to Men?” by Russell Moore

This is a reprint of an article Moore wrote elsewhere years ago, but it is still good. He reposted it at the ERLC website and I continue to be impressed with its nuance. I think submission is one of the most misunderstood and misapplied concepts in the church. Here Moore writes less about submission in marriage and more about submission in general. It’s a good worthwhile piece.

7. “A Biblical Meditation on the ISIS Execution of 21 Christians” by Tom Schreiner

Dr. Schreiner, my former New Testament Prof, has written a beautiful, simple, reminder on the realities of persecution, the faithfulness of God, and the future eschaton that awaits the followers of Christ. In light of recent events it is worthwhile to meditate on such truths, even if they do not make sorrow and fear completely go away.

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